Electronic games are pervasive in our 21st century culture and an intimately familiar medium for the current generation of students. This familiarity positions the gaming format as an ideal setting and important potential source for communication and education, couched in the guise of play. The research project outlined here will explore the use of design communication techniques as a means of delivering complex scientific information. The ultimate goal of this project is to create visually appealing, creatively interactive modules which actively involve the user in the envisioned experience while educating and engaging the student. This project will truly be an interdisciplinary as it combined the specializations of graphic design, botany, science education and dramatic arts to produce an assessable final project which could not be created by any one of the disciplines alone.

Project Team
Principle Researchers:

Anna Monfils
- Assistant Professor & Director, CMC Herbarium
- Department of Biology

Lab Phone: (989) 774-1276
Email: monfi1ak@cmich.edu

Larry Burditt
- Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
- Department of Art

Office Phone: (989) 774-3415
Email: larry.burditt@cmich.edu

Student Assistants:
Brandon Hart
Tomo Kawai
Aaron Wolverton

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