Scientific Imaging and Photoshop Tutorial

Anna K. Monfils
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Brian A. Roberts
Imaging & Web Developer
Faulty Center for Innovative Teaching

Image editing programs (such as Adobe Photoshop; PS) have tremendous power to manipulate and enhance images for both technical and creative usage. Student scientists regularly capture images and use PS to prepare them for scientific publications. Some conversion must occur to format and create visually appealing plates for publication. This tutorial was designed to ensure students utilize the power of PS to create acceptable learning, research and publication quality scientific images. Students, as future researchers, need to understand how to manipulate images for publication without compromising the scientific integrity of their results.

The Photoshop tutorial is designed to take students through a very specific series of instructions in order to format a plate for publication in Grana. The instructions can be easily modified for any journal specifications. You will find a sample image to be used in the tutorial (this matches the screen captured images), Grana instructions for authors, and a PDF of the tutorial.

Example of finished product  
  Files needed include:  
  Image (7.3mb zip file)  
  Grana 2006 Instructions for Authors PDF  
  PDF of Tutorial  
  Figure and images by Abby Tirrell