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The Central Michigan University Herbarium (CMC) serves an archive for plant biodiversity. With over 26,000 plant specimens, it serves as a vital teaching resource, houses research quality specimens for use at CMU and in the broader scientific community, and functions as a regional repository for plant specimens. Plants in the collection are primarily from the Great Lakes region, focusing on wetland plants and the flora of the Beaver Island Archipelago. The plant collection is maintained in herbarium cabinets on a compactor system in 103 Brooks Hall in the Department of Biology. The CMC Herbarium has additional plant specimens on Beaver Island at the Central Michigan University Biological Station. In addition to plant specimens, the herbarium has a library of books and periodicals to assist in plant identification and research. Dissecting scopes with digital imaging capabilities are accessible. Plant presses, drying ovens and freezers are available to help process collections and maintain specimens. The herbarium is fully capable of exchanging and processing loans.